Strong Foundations

2017 Graceworks Lutheran Services
Annual Report

At Graceworks Lutheran Services, our mission is to help people experience dignity and wholeness in relationship with God, family and community. Our beliefs are built on a bedrock of faith, compassion, and gentle caring. And every member of our Graceworks team goes to work every day to continue to build upon that foundation. We offer comfort for seniors and independence for intellectually challenged adults. We provide dependable home care, affordable housing and trusted financial guidance. We offer support and solid footing to those who need it the most. Like a house on a rock, we are built on a strong foundation.

Programs Spotlight

Finding their Place

Seniors Thrive in Life Enrichment Program

Barbara plays bridge and never misses her movie club. At 81, she even learned how to play a dulcimer. Her sister-in-law Maureen develops programs for a fascinating living and learning program series. Both came from different parts of America to enjoy Bethany Village’s unique Life Enrichment Program.


Paying it Forward

Nicole Gives Back

Graceworks Enhanced Living provides residential living, support and daily care for individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities. But one resident has found lasting joy in giving her own selfless support to others. Valley Home resident Nicole is helping others build their own strong foundation.


Built on Solid Ground

Graceworks Housing Offers Sense of Community

Perhaps nothing provides safety, security, and peace of mind like a safe home. That’s why Graceworks Housing Services offers affordable housing options for low-income elderly and disabled individuals. In each of our 18 apartment buildings, we are creating the foundation for a positive and nurturing community.


Making Cents

Teaching the Value of Saving Money Early

Managing money is a challenge for adults. So why not start teaching good financial habits at an early age to build a better foundation for success? Consumer Credit Counseling Service recently partnered with the Springfield Promise Neighborhood for their annual Promisefest at Lincoln Elementary.


The Home Team

The Gentle Caring of Graceworks at Home

Graceworks at Home recognizes that many individuals prefer to stay in their own homes, even when they need a little extra help. That’s why we offer assistance, companionship or nursing care so they can continue to live independently. We offer the steady footing they need to experience life to the fullest.


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2017 Financials

Listed below are the financials for the 12 Months ending December 31, 2017. Financial information is based on unaudited financial data compiled by the staff of Graceworks Lutheran Services. An independent accounting firm will complete an audit and prepare detailed financial statements and an independent auditor’s report for the Board of Directors. Copies of the audited financial statements will be available upon request after May 31, 2018. Financial data relating to Graceworks Lutheran Services has been combined with data of several affiliates including Graceworks Enhanced Living, Graceworks Housing Services entities, Graceworks at Home, and Bethany Commons at Yankee Trace. All numbers are shown in thousands.


Revenue $68,805

Resident Fees
Government Revenues
Service Fees

Expense $71,647

General Operating
Administrative Support

Other Income $2,105

Bequests and Contributions1
Investment Income
United Way
Gain on Sale of Assets

Balance Sheet

Net Assets
tabular data
  1. Includes temporarily restricted gifts of $61 for the Benevolent Care Fund.
  2. Primarily due to refinancing of previous debt as part of the Bethany Village Assisted Living expansion project.
  3. Short-term and long-term indebtedness totals $19,528 and is secured by specific Graceworks Housing Services facilities. This is not a direct obligation and cannot be charged against other assets of Graceworks Lutheran Services.

Uncompensated Charity Care

Every day Graceworks Lutheran Services lives its vision by supporting people who are experiencing challenging or changing circumstances. Helping individuals of all faiths experience dignity and wholeness has been our driving force for over 90 years. Through our residential and community care services, we provided over $4.5 million of uncompensated charity care that was not reimbursed by user fees or government funding.

Medicaid Provider Deficit – Long-term Healthcare
Medicare Provider Deficit – Long-term Healthcare
Benevolent Care Benefits – Independent/Assisted Living
Community Care Programs
Graceworks Housing Services
Total Uncompensated Charity Care
tablular data

Meet the Board of Directors


2017 Board of Directors
Front row (L-R): S. Beals, K. Loudermilk, S. Cutter, D. Watts Robinson, J. Rutherford-Donner, A. Astbury, E. High Back row (L-R): S. Krumm, B. Strobel, J. Teeters, T. Rapoch, K. Nels, T. Petrovic Not pictured: M. Feuer, G. Mayeux, S. Sutermeister
2017 Administration
Pictured L-R: Michael W. Allen, David V. Vandercher, Willis O. Serr II, Judy A. Budi, Jackie A. D'Aurora, Rev. James V. Bosse
Board of Directors

Arthur A. Astbury

Sally D. Beals

Rev. Sara A. Cutter

Mark S. Feuer

Dr. Eric A. High

Shawn M. Krumm

Dr. M. Katherine Loudermilk

Kevin S. Nels

J. Gregory Mayeux

Thomas R. Petrovic

Terence G. Rapoch

Debbie Watts Robinson

Joyce Rutherford-Donner

Brent A. Strobel

Steven R. Sutermeister

Jeffrey R. Teeters

Executive Committee

Jeffrey R. Teeters, Board Chair

Sally D. Beals, Board Vice Chair

Debbie Watts Robinson, Secretary

Arthur A. Astbury

Dr. Eric A. High

Thomas R. Petrovic

Joyce Rutherford-Donner

Nominating Committee

Debbie Watts Robinson, Chair

Sally Beals

Stephen Hoffsis

Michael Leesman

David Wickham

Ethics Committee

Dr. Donald Clark

Margaret Cothern

Thomas Kahle

Rev. John Mittermaier

Dr. Paul Nelson

Bonnie Parish

Robert Reichard

Joyce Rutherford-Donner

Diane Welborn

Audit & Investment Committee

Brent Strobel, Chair

Paul Anderson

Arthur Astbury

Alan Grodrian

Stephen Hoffsis

J. Gregory Mayeux

Thomas Petrovic

Steven Sutermeister


Willis O. Serr II, President & CEO

Michael W. Allen, Vice President, Finance & Facilities

Rev. James V. Bosse, Vice President, Community & Organizational Care

Judy A. Budi, Vice President, Residential Care

Jackie A. D’Aurora, Vice President, Marketing & Public Relations

David V. Vandercher, Vice President, Human Resources

Donors and Volunteers

A strong foundation inspires us to build for the future, and our success continues to rise as long as our people lift us up. Graceworks Lutheran Services can only thrive with the generosity of others, and on a daily basis, we are blessed as kindhearted people continue to give their time, talents, and resources. Because of their compassionate acts, selfless service, and meaningful gifts, our people make our success possible.


We are grateful for the generosity of our donors. The list includes all cash gifts actually received by Graceworks Lutheran Services during 2017 for all programs. We also appreciate those who gave gifts-in-kind or designated contributions through United Way and the Combined Federal Campaign. We thank other donors and volunteers who generously gave time and resources but whose names are not recorded.



We are grateful for the generosity of our donors. The list includes all cash gifts actually received by Graceworks Lutheran Services during 2017 for all programs. We also appreciate those who gave gifts-in-kind or designated contributions through United Way and the Combined Federal Campaign. We thank other donors and volunteers who generously gave time and resources but whose names are not recorded.


Bequests and Deferred Gifts

Graceworks Lutheran Services thanks and recognizes people who planned through their estates to help our ministries continue after their deaths.


The Spiral of Life Society

People who have made known their completed arrangements for deferred gifts to Graceworks Lutheran Services through wills, gift annuities, life insurance, or other charitable devices are members of the Spiral of Life Society.


Congregation Members

We invite Lutheran congregations to affirm their involvement with Graceworks Lutheran Services by becoming members. Through the covenant process, member congregations may commit their support in a number of ways: appoint delegates to annual meetings; appoint a Graceworks Lutheran Services Advocate as a liaison; provide financial support, plan and implement an event in support of Graceworks Lutheran Services; or supply volunteers.